Reintroduction phase: non-gluten grains

Yesterday was the day I tried to reintroduce the second item back into my diet, just to see how my body would react.

This time I went for non-gluten grains and had the following:

Meal 1: Eggs with tuna, on top of gluten-free bread toasts.

Meal 2: Sprouted Rice Quinoa trio with zucchini and Czech meatballs.

Meal 3: Chicken with curried vegetables, including corn.

Non-Gluten Grains

And my body did NOT like it. Not at all!

I can’t tell much about the corn, because by the time dinner time came I was already so bad that I could not evaluate the effect the corn had.

But breakfast and lunch made me have heartburn, bloating, gases and even stomach pain. Blergh!

Then the night was not fun either, as I had really bad sleep again.

Today I’m better, but still not 100%, which means the thing is really damaging.

I guess this proves my life is better without the grains indeed.

I’m even a little bit afraid of trying to reintroduce the gluten ones.

So next step will be legumes, for a break, and then finally the gluten stuff.


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