Meeting treats

In our corporate environment, in my friendly and diverse team, it’s common to see people bringing treats to meetings. Those treats are typically sweet: chocolate, cookies, donuts, muffins, glazed nuts… Occasionally some fruits too.

But today it was different. In today’s brownbag meeting, the lady who was presenting the topic brought us hard-boiled eggs!

Yes, you heard it right: EGGS!

It turns out she has some chicken on her backyard. 3 chickens, of different breeds, that lay eggs in different colors. So we had white eggs, brown eggs and blue eggs. BLUE!

Blue Eggs

My blue hued egg, after being properly consumed by me.

As a curious eater I am, I could not resist and grabbed a blue one. I honestly don’t think the taste changes much with the color, but the fact that they were freshly laid by her chickens made them Oh! So Good!

The blue eggs were a big hit and the one that was consumed quicker. She even saved 4 of them to give as prizes to those who replied to her quizzes during the meeting. I didn’t get one as a prize, but I still guaranteed my yummy fresh blue egg at the beginning of the meeting.

So happy we finally had a good, fresh, whole and healthy treat for a meeting!


Then, on the afternoon meeting, we had chocolate cake. I had a pass on that one… 😉


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