Stripped stir-fry

Today, like every Thursday, I met a friend for lunch on a building that’s half-way between our own buildings.

We used to be on neighbor buildings until about a month ago, and go for a walk before lunch every Thursday. But then I was moved to a different building, so we started doing like this: we each walk about a mile to a ‘neutral-ground’ building, have lunch together and then walk back to our respective buildings. With that we lost the walk and talk part of the deal, but we still do some walk and we still meet for a nice chatty lunch.

In the past weeks we were going always to the same place and having the same kind of food. But today she wanted to try something different, so we went to a station that does stir frys on demand. You fill a bowl with your veggies, tell them with protein, sauce and type of rice you want and they stir fry it at the spot for you.

Today my version of the stir fry was a bit stripped out of a lot of stuff. Here’s how the interaction with the lady went:

Lady: “What protein would you like?”

Me: “Beef, please”

Lady: “And what kind of sauce?”

Me: “Huh… do you have any sauce that does not contain soy?”

Lady: “No. All our sauces are pre-made and they’re all soy-based.”

Me: “Can you then do it without sauce?”

Lady: “Sure! We can do that.”

(she takes note)

Lady: “And what kind of rice?”

Me: “No rice.”

Hum…. I almost asked for a discount here…

I also almost continued the conversation by asking which kind of oil do they use, but then I decided to simply let it be. I was pretty sure it would be one of the oils in the bad-oils list, so why bother to ask? Just to have the impulse of telling her “You know what? Never mind I’ll go somewhere else…”?

Nah, a bad oil once should not do too big of a harm, right?

So I had the tasteless veggies-and-beef-but-no-sauce stir fry.


I tried adding some salt and black pepper to make it have a bit more of taste, but it helped only a bit.

Then I got an after taste in my mouth from the oil. I spend my walking back trying to define which oil it was based on the taste. Certainly not the ones I use frequently at home (olive, coconut, ghee and avocado). Probably sesame. I’m more used to toasted sesame oil, so it took me a while to convince myself that clear one was sesame indeed. But it sure tasted like it, although is was not as strong as the toasted version.

Then… a couple of hours later I star feeling a bit of a revolution on my gut. Was that the oil????

Then I go to Wikipedia and I find the following sentence:

Because of its laxative effects, sesame oil should not be used by people who have diarrhea.

Haha! Ok, so after getting used to clean eating, having a stir fry made with sesame oil can have some intestinal consequences… oh well… (it wasn’t bad, as I do not have diarrhea, but I could certainly tell it was actively doing something on my gut…)


Lesson learned: do not go to places where you know you won’t be able to find foods that are compliant with your diet. (and I must admit I did sort of knew…)


PS. Their sauces do taste good. I used to love the soy-ginger one. The problem is when you order without any, as all the seasoning simply does not happen without them.


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