Before and After

In this post I’ll show you more sets of before and after.

The first one is from the first time I tried Whole30, in September 2013 (also pictured on my testimonial post).


The second one is from the second run of the program, in February 2014.



As you can see the difference was much bigger in the first try, but I guess that’s natural, after all I was in much worse condition before the first one, so I had more to loose anyways.

Some people who saw those pictures say it’s ironic that I’m wearing a box of chocolate t-shirt on the second set.

life is like a box of chocolate

But there is a reason why I picked that specific t-shirt to wear for the pictures. My mom bought me this t-shirt in April 2013. It fitted me just right (or maybe a bit tight actually, but still wearable) for the first weeks, then it started getting tight. At some point I had to give up wearing it because I simply could not breath on it. Then, in September, when I was doing the Whole 30 for the first time, and as soon as I started noticing myself thinner, I decided to try it and suddenly I could breath on it! So I used it to sort of gauge my slimmering during the program (since I wasn’t allowed to use the scale, I used the tight t-shirt ;o)

Then, when I was to take the before picture on Day 0 of my second try, I decided that that t-shirt was the one I wanted to wear for comparison.

And now you see ripples on it! Yay!

Some numbers for the second run of the Whole30 program:

  • Weight: dropped from 125 to 119
  • Body fat: dropped from 22% to 20%

Another cool before-after story about my new way of eating is that I seem to have gotten rid of (or at least minimized) a food sensitivity I had for many years to broccolini.

For the past 15+ years I have not been able to eat broccolini at all.
It was the first green food I learned to like on my teenage years and I used to love it.
But then I developed a sensitivity to it, that every time I had it, it would stay down for just a little bit, then it would build up so much gases that I would push it out again through the same way it went in.
After reading the book twice and been eating clean for so long, I was starting to be convinced that I should try it again.

In addition, your “allergy” to certain foods may not be a true allergy — it may just be an intolerance or sensitivity, in which case, it may be reversible. Many have reported the reduction or elimination of food “allergies” after successful completion of their Whole30. Perhaps by eliminating intestinal permeability and restoring normal gut flora and fauna, your body’s immune system will relax enough to permit the reintroduction of certain foods.

— excerpt from It Starts with Food, by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

Then on day 33 of my second run, which was my last day on the program before trying reintroducing stuff back, we went to a restaurant and I ordered a fish with mashed potatoes and veggies. I’ve been asking to not bring the mashes, but since I was about to reintroduce a bit of diary the very next day anyways, I left them in. The veggies that came with it were carrots and guess? Yep, broccolini.
And I ate it.
And I was totally and completely fine!
I did not had it all, as I was trying to be cautious (for my hubby’s car sake… hehehe), but it was still much more than I could afford to eat 15 years ago. Yay!!!

Then 3 days later (Monday) and also today, I tried again, a slightly bigger portion and it also stayed in. I did feel a bit gassy, but not to the point of bothering me, not to mention making me feel sick.

I still wonder though if that’s the right time to start reintroducing this too, on top of the other the less-healthy items, so I guess I’ll stop here for now in regards to the broccolini. But the experience on those 3 days made me happy and hopeful enough that I will surely revisit the topic and try again later with bigger amounts.

Salad with broccolini


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