Whole30-powered race and reintroduction phase

Day 30 was last Wednesday, but I decided to do a Whole33, instead, to make sure I’d be in optimal health and condition on the day of my upcoming half-marathon.

The marathon was amazing! At exactly 1 year ago, and before I even heard of Whole30 and decided to try Paleo eating, I participated on this very same half-marathon and left the course with a pretty bad injury on my tendons (plantar fascia, peroneal, Achilles). Half-way though the race I considered giving up and calling hubby to pick me up, but then I set my mind to finish and I did it, but for the next couple of days I could barely walk… (full report here).

Then in September I tried Whole30 for the first time, and all my inflammations (including the stubborn plantar fasciitis) went away. After finishing the program I tried to keep into it as much as possible, allowing myself a little bit here and there until February, when our group decided to do a second run of the program. And that’s the one that ended last week.

So Saturday came and off I went to the half-marathon. All the training I did was the 1-2 miles jog before workout classes, 2 times per week, plus some walking on the other weekdays. Not much. So I wasn’t sure I was prepared to try jogging much at the marathon. My initial idea was to try to jog the first 3 miles, then walk 6-7 miles and switch back to jogging at the end, so I could cross the finish line jogging. The signal was made, I passed the start line jogging and I jogged 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles, still feeling pretty good… 4 miles, 5 miles, 6 miles! By that time I was feeling my ankle a bit (not the plantar fascia) so I decided to walk a bit. After 1/2 mile I was soooo bored of walking after 6 miles of jogging that I cut it short to only 1 mile of walking and then jogged again. For another 2 miles. Then I decided to do a longer walk stretch, as now my both ankles were making themselves noticed. I walked 2 miles and finished the remaining 2.1 jogging again. To a total of 10 miles of jogging and only 3 of walking!!!! That was AMAZING!

And I do thank it to Whole30 and Paleo eating! No questions about how it helped me improve my performance and avoid injuries.

Whole30 powered race

Then on the very next day, yesterday, I started my reintroduction phase. Some would say I should have waited a bit more, to allow my body some time to heal better, but I still wanted to start trying it, and I thought if I started with diary it would not hurt me too much.

So yesterday I had diary on my 3 meals. I’m not sure how much I can say yet, but I did get the impression after breakfast and dinner that I felt a bit bloated.

Here’s how I ate:

Meal 1: used regular butter on my scrambled eggs, that were mixed with asparagus and cheese. Also had cheese while preparing the eggs, as I cut a bit more than it would fit the eggs… 😉

Meal 2: flank steak with a side of green beans and another side of leeks, prepared with Alfredo sauce. The Alfredo sauce was the diary part of my meal. But it was a small amount.

Meal 3: since last week I had pão de queijo on my items-to-reintroduce list. So I had a few of the bite size ones. The first 2 plain, the others filled with canned salmon. While they were baking I also had a few slices of rotola (roll of mozzarella, prosciutto and basil). Then just to say I had some veggies, I had a nori roll filled with vegan pesto, salmon and a bit of kimchi.

 So I don’t know if the bloating in only 2 of the meals was related to the type (cheese vs cream) or the amount (a lot vs a bit) of diary.

Another thing I had the impression to have noticed was that after the 2 cheesy meals a headache threatened to appear, then went away. Maybe it was just psychological? Maybe effect of the post-race tiredness? It’s still funny that it happened only right after eating cheese (or a lot of diary). And that’s pretty darn sad, since I do love cheese.

During the night, sleep was the worse I had in several weeks. Blame it on the diary?

Now I’m back into eating Whole30-compliant meals and will just observe how my body continues to react.

Next step: non-gluten grains!


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