Day 30 once again

Today is the 30th day of my second run of the Whole 30 program.

But I guess I’ll stretch it out for a couple more days.

Except for my left wrist and shoulder that I guess I injured doing some furniture moving a couple weeks ago, my pains, and especially my plantar fasciitis, are gone again. Then on this coming Saturday I have a half-marathon that I’m planning to jog/walk, and I don’t want to risk seeing the pain coming back just before it because I reintroduced something back on my diet.

Ok, ok… I don’t think it would come back in only 3 days, but I don’t know… maybe it would…

So I’m sticking with the plan until after the race.

That means I’m not doing any before-and-after comparison tomorrow, but I guess I can start talking about some of the lessons I learned on this second attempt.

  1. Whole30 is great when you’re completely off track, but a bit too much when you are already eating well.
    I say this because my first time was amazing. I loved the results so much that I tried to stay within the plan most of the time for quite some time after that, allowing myself a little thing here and there, but still eating well every day.
    Then, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve I didn’t do so great, but also not so bad.
    In January, I started to get back on track for a couple of week but, then, knowing that I was going to do it again in February made me go completely off for the last 2 weeks before the start of the second try.
    February came and I re-started in the program, but boy I was grumpy! Not because of the sugar dragon, which honestly don’t attack me often, but because I went to a strict period while I was already somehow still eating according to the rules most of the time.
    That added stress.
    Lesson learned: do Whole30 only when you really need it (and do not schedule in advance to prevent the big palooza of going completely off 2 weeks before…)
  2. As with everything, you see the most results on the first time you try something different. This time, not much changed. I may have lost some more weight, but even if I did (scale is still ditched) it was just a bit. Energy level did not increase too much, pains took a bit longer to go away. PMS was there last time; not strong, but still somehow there.
  3. People call you crazy but still find your food delicious

Next week I’ll be able to post a better testimonial or at least before and after pictures, and then I’ll start reporting the re-introduction.


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