Tip: Eggplants for buns

In the past couple of months I found myself in situations/events there were all about dough.

The first one was a Pizza Night at a friend’s place to celebrate a birthday. Pizza? Looove! But don’t want really to have all that dough.

The idea was that one person was to provide the dough and the others were to bring their favorite toppings so we would prepare and bake the pizza during the party.

My solution was to bring a couple of eggplants to the party (and also a few of my favorite toppings, of course. And also my San Pellegrino too, just in case…).

I sliced the eggplant at about 1/2 in slices, spread some tomato sauce on it and topped with anything I found suitable. I actually did a few different versions of it and they turned out delicious. Even the ‘normal’-dough-eating people at the party loved them, and the host has even tried to make it again on her own a few weeks later.

Some of the toppings I used were: prosciutto, arugula, heart of palms, leeks, olives, bacon, tomatoes, fresh basil. But you can get creative here and use anything you have available.

Eggplant Pizza

Then, more recently I had kids sleeping over my place. It was right on the next day when my daughter cried for not being able to eat a burger on a restaurant (the restaurant that had a table available didn’t serve burgers at all…), so my husband bought natural beef burgers and buns to make for the kids and please our big little girl.

But the bun…. not really having it. Especially during Whole30 month…

So the eggplant came to my rescue again and I built a bun-less burger with eggplant slices in place of the bun.


Eggplant Burger


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