Coming Back

Hi there.

I’ve been away from this blog for quite a while. That’s because I wasn’t sure how I exactly I wanted to have my Internet presence about the subject.

Beginning February I started my second edition of the Whole30 and decided to revamp and revive my old site instead.

But it wasn’t easy to adapt the site as it was before, to include another experience report. It was even harder to find the time and disposition to write everyday again.

That was when I realized a blog is still the best format for the kind of information I’d like to share about Paleo eating.

Since my last post here, tons have happened.

  1. I restarted the Whole30, but this time it will actually be longer than 30 days (on day 29 today!) because we’ll be doing the re-introduction phase we ‘skipped’ last time.
  2. I decided to go back to my non-blog site and then gave it up.
  3. I’ve been struggling with the Whole30 at the second time around, more in a psychological way than in regards to the food I’m eating.
  4. I started to use twitter more actively and to follow lots of interesting sites about Paleo diet (which made me see the challenge of keeping this or the other one even harder)
  5. Found a project for my capstone project in the Web Design course that is not about Paleo, but still about nutrition (yay). More to come about it once the project starts!
  6. Plus other changes at work that are not really pertinent to here… ;o)

So anyways, this post is to let you guys and girls know I’m coming back to this blog.

I cannot guarantee a certain frequency on my writing, since I do that as a side job after my full-time-employee-mom-of-2-wife-homeowner-continuing-education-student job. But I do promise to try.

See y’all,






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