Food Journal: November 5th 2013

Today I did ok too.

In the morning I went for some fruits and had 4 strawberries and half an orange. Then 2 hard-boiled eggs and my morning coffee.

For lunch I decided to pack a salad. I did a sort of strange mix, but it turned out good. My salad today had: lettuce, tomatoes, fennel root, thinly sliced raw beets, mushrooms, smoked salmon, kimchi, vegan pesto and crushed cocoa almonds and macadamias. To drink, orange-infused water.

Then in the afternoon I went a bit off-diet again. Yesterday I brought all the peanut-y chocolates the kids got at Halloween to give it up at work. But instead of dropping them in the kitchen where it wouldn’t have lasted 10 minutes, I placed them on a bowl at a chair in front of my office. So today there were still quite a bit. I tried to resist it all day long, but at some point I looked at the bowl and decided to just go for it. So I had 2 peanut butter cups.

Once I got home it was already late for dinner (traffic was awful today), so I went directly to the kitchen to prepare the kids meal. Then, while they ate I cooked my veggies. Dinner menu today was Moroccan Meatballs, with sautéed shallots, garlic, leeks and yellow peppers and a cube of pumpkin. But the amount was not big, so after having it, I had a banana. Orange juice was my pick for drink.

Dinner on November 5th, 2013

The meatballs I did on Sunday following the recipe on the clothes make the girl (or Well Fed, Paleo Recipes for People who Love to Eat. The only 2 things I did differently was that I used beef instead of lamb, and tomato pasta sauce instead of tomato paste, just because I didn’t have tomato paste available at the time.

The leek/onion/garlic combination was inspired by a recent article in NPR about gut bacteria, when the person being interviewed mentioned that the good bacteria love those and that we should eat them everyday. Since I did happen to have them on my fridge, I decided to give a treat to my intestinal flora… ;o)


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