Food Journal: weekend of November 2nd & 3rd, 2013

This weekend I felt lower energy than I’ve been feeling since the end of week 1 of the Whole30 program. It’s probably the effects of the off-plan-more-frequent-than-planned foods I’ve been eating. Maybe pms too?

I also felt a bit tired of eating Paleo, not for the food itself, but for the work it requires to prepare, plan, buy frequently, and the lack of something as quick and easy as the ‘other’ stuff.

But I still eat according to plan, sortof.

Saturday I had eggs with sweet potatoes and Pico de Gallo. For lunch I had flat iron steak with a mash of pumpkin, chayote squash and tomatoes, and at night I had two rolls of seaweed, one filled with vegan pesto, ham and arugula, and the other filled with mustard, smoked salmon, mushrooms and arugula. To drink, coffee, San Pellegrino water and pineapple juice, respectively.

Meal 2 on November 2nd, 2013

Then on Sunday was the day I woke up sort of grumpy about this whole cooking a lot thing and got lazy to even think about what to mix with my eggs, so I mixed them with nothing and had just plain scrambled eggs, coffee and a banana. For lunch I was still lazy, so I had the last piece of the flat iron with a tiny bit of arugula – the last leaves too – and some white sweet potatoes fries – although they were not really fried, but actually baked.

Then I cooked. And ate. I actually ate almost all day long on Sunday. A typical symptom of pms… I had raisins and almonds all afternoon. The almonds were the first item I cooked: took some raw almonds and roasted them with olive oil cocoa powder and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Yummy! I’ll post the recipe here later.

The other items I cooked was some ground beef with yellow peppers, Moroccan meatballs and (for the other members of the family) some brown rice.

Sunday Cook-up

Dinner hasn’t happened yet, but will certainly be one of the meats I cooked today. Not sure yet of the sides.

I’ll update the post either later or tomorrow with my last meal.


Update on dinner: As if I hadn’t have enough of cooking for the day, I decided to cook myself a vegetable curry to mix with my ground beef. At least it was quick an easy. Threw all veggies in the pan with some oil, then coconut milk, curry powder, a pinch of salt, put a lid on, let cook for a little while and voilà a yummy curry that I topped with the ground beef. 😉


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