Food Journal: October 31st, 2013


Which means lots of candy opportunities. But to be honest candy doesn’t really tempt me. Chocolate maybe, bit just a tiny bit and it did not today.

As a consequence, it was an easy day, in spite of all the events.

In the morning I had white sweet potato hash with avocado and 1 egg. Not too much protein, but 1 egg was all the eggs I had and I was a bit on a hurry to even think about something else.

Then, at noon we had the costume contest at work, where some snacks were served. There was lots of things of different sorts. I was able to stay only with some grapes, salami, guacamole and a red pepper spread. About an hour later a home made borscht.

I left work early and when to my kids school to pick them up. When I got there the Halloween (or harvest, like they like to call it) party for my younger girl class was just starting, so I stayed for a while and some pumpkins pie was put in front of me, which I ignored completely).

When I got home I was extremely hungry and snacked a bit on some smoked salmon (I needed some meat).

Then we got everything ready for the trick or treats with the kids, serving them dinner than going out for trick or treat and then back for the grown-ups dinner.

At dinner, hubby and our guests had quiche, salad and beef, while I had a bigger salad with the same beef.

So at the end of the day I was able to keep up with the diet, in spite of the office party, trick or treating and having guest for dinner.

yay to me!


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