Posting everyday?

Ok, so here’s something I’m considering.

When I did the Whole 30 in September, one of the things that helped keep the motivation and the commitment was the fact that was writing on the website everyday.

Then I stopped.

Then I started to allow myself a few thingies here and there.

Then I know don’t feel as good as I was a couple of weeks ago.

And that’s why I guess I’ll try to go back into posting everyday, as a way to keep committed.

In the past 2 weeks I went off-plan a bit more frequently than the original plan:

* Friday, October 18th, I went to a Persian Restaurant and had wine, legumes and a tiny bit of bread.

* Saturday, October 19th, I went to a friends party and had beer and pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese puffs)

* Thursday, October 24th, I had a few birthday celebrations for myself and had beer, pizzokie (warm cookie with vanilla ice cream on top), Steak Sliders (= bread)

* Sunday, October 27th, I had more pão de queijo e lots of wine

* Tuesday, October 29th, I went to a Thai restaurant and I have high suspicion that the sauce contained soy

* Wednesday, October 30th, I had some halva (we read the ingredient lists, there wasn’t much non-compliant ingredients, but there was a bit of soy something 😦 ), and French pastries

As a result, my skin is starting to pop up some pimples, me feet is hurting again, as well as other joints too, I feel a bit bloated and lazier (= energy levels going down).

Need to get back into track really fast to fix all of that.

The interesting thing is to think that I was living with all of that and would barely notice them, or at least wouldn’t be too bothered, since it was just part of life. Then, once you get rid of those nasty symptoms you feel so great, that when they just start coming back slowly you feel them stronger than ever and wants to get rid of them again.

That’s where I stand right now!

So I’ll try to use this site to help me keep in track.


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