Off-Plan weekend, but cool comments to keep the motivation

So this past weekend was not great in following the rules. Which I guess it’s fine.

On Friday night I had date-night with hubby and we went to a Persian restaurant, where I had wine, some legumes and a tiny bit of bread. Still managed to keep away from rice, to minimize the exposure. ;o)

Then on Saturday I had a party that had no compliant food. I decided then to just forget about it and had LOTs of pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese puffs – no gluten but diary) and beer.

Then Sunday I went back to eating according to the plans (at least until Thursday when I’ll be celebrating my 40th Birthday! Yoo-hoo)

But in the past weeks, I’ve been Hearing a lot of compliments and nice comments about how I’m shrinking, or melting, or how lean I look.

It’s true that all the comments are around the weight loos, but hey, that’s what people see. Then, once they asked how come, I talk about the program and try to focus more not only on the physical appearance but on how well I’ve been feeling.

Still good to hear the compliments about the physical appearance, though. My ego is happy!


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