Cake parties and spreading the word…

So yesterday I had 2 parties in the office. One was to bid farewell to someone who was leaving the team, the second one was to celebrate 5 years of service for one of my peers.

Both had cake.

On the farewell one, it was so big, there was so many people that no one really noticed I didn’t eat any cake, except for the people who were directly around me, but they did not insist. The cake was beautiful though. The guy who is leaving is from Russia, so her manager baked him a kremlin cake. Very cool.


On the second one, we were only 7, so it was very noticed and questioned. The funny thing is that I was the one who sort of picked the flavor for the cake. We new which bakery it would be from, so the 5 year girl asked me the day before which one I like best from there, because she had no clue which one to pick and our manager asked her. I answered her question telling my fave, just didn’t made it clear I wouldn’t have it. Hehehe. So when the cake finally came and I said I wouldn’t have it because I took grains out of my diet, she was a bit like ‘whaaaa. but you asked for this cake. :S By the way, it was a fruit cake from a Chinese bakery.

The fruit cake I did NOT eat

Then I answered and it raised the curiosity of my peers, to the point that the whole conversations was around food and diet.

2 of the girls asked about info and I sent the link to the book, the link to the Whol9Life site and the link to My Whole 30 site to them.

The problem I see is that their goal is to lose weight, which should not be the goal in the Whole30. But I still send them to info, so they can read and decide.

Another of our peers was talking about a completely different diet, that her husband did, which is called Intermittent Fasting, and that one IS indeed for weight loss.

Both of the girls who want to lose weight felt more attracted to the intermittent fasting one, because it seemed easier to them to fast but still eat everything when eating, than to restrict ingredients. Time form cooking is also a concern to one of them and we gotta be honest, doing whole 30 you need to invest some time on cooking, while when fasting, not really, after all, if there is no eating, then there is no cooking.

I have a feeling she’ll go for that one, then. 😦

I really wanted them to try the whole 30, not for weight loss (even if that’s the initial motivator) but for feeling well and being healthy. I did try to explain that I didn’t do it for weight loss, I did mentioned that I’m still not eating the old stuff (and cakes for that matter) because I feel so well I don’t want to go back, but that didn’t seem to have as big of an effect on them as the fact that my other friend’s husband lost 20+ pounds in 3 months…

Oh well… I’ll give them all the info they need, if requested, but I want to balance it out and don’t sound pushy.

Finding balance is hard though…..


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